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How does it work?

Invite friends and get bonuses for their purchases on 2 levels

You invite
new users

1 level

New users also
invite users

2 level

Users make purchases

You earn money!

Want to earn up to $100 for every purchase of a referred user?

Fill out an application and our manager will contact you!

Become an ambassador

1. Submit your application

Fill out all the fields, send a request and we will contact you

2. Confirm your participation in the program

Complete a mini training and receive ambassador status

3. You're an ambassador!

Now you will receive bonuses for purchases of your friends and their friends, and will also become part of a closed community of ambassadors.

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Users about Cheelee



«I really like this project. Already got enough money for a new iPhone! All the best to the Cheelee team and users!»



«Cheelee has a great reward system and a stable tokenomics. Glasses that cost $51.5 consistently bring me $20-30! I'm using Simple glasses, it's my 6th pair already. Thanks to the Cheelee team for helping me get money while browsing the feed!»



«I want to thank your project for the opportunity to get real money. I only learned about the project recently, on November 19, and immediately bought glasses for 51.5 USDT. Initially, I was worried about my investment, but by the end of the month, I had doubled it. To date, I've earned 85 Lee. There are still 3 days left until the glasses break. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I plan to invite my husband this month!



«Hello, chillers! A loyal Cheelee fan here to share my journey with this amazing app since July 2023! Over this time, I've not only gained a stable income but also made friends with some cool chillers in our community. Cheelee isn't just a place to earn. It's a whole club of fun and friendship. Cheelee is top, admins are top. By the way, all of you are top! Huge thanks to the developers for their hard work and rich updates. May your path be filled with growth, popularization, and of course, earnings! Remember, chilling is not just enjoyable but also profitable!»



«I gradually moved up to Rare glasses and am finishing my second pair. This week marks the next sixth "cycle". I'd like to express my special thanks to the channel admins for their responds to any questions and to the support team for quick problem resolution. This is the best project, and I hope it will keep flourishing. Cheelee is style, Cheelee is the future top in its field.»



«I've been using Simple glasses, and this is the second time I've bought them. The earnings from the first pair went towards new glasses and about $160 I've taken out for myself. I like that you can earn money in an easy way. As I earn with Cheelee, I have time to grow in things that interest me. No need to sit in an office with a 5/2 schedule, and, importantly, no need to wake up early in the morning.»



«I started with Simple glasses and later bought Rare to boost my profit.'ve managed to make $1000 so far\uD83E\uDD11 Personally, I believe this is the best project where you can get money and also enjoy watching videos\uD83D\uDC4D I wish this project to be successful.»



«I've used Simple and Rare glasses — and definitely got some profit! Currently I’m finishing up with rare glasses, they bring about 10-14 Lee tokens per day. What I like the most about Cheelee is its simplicity and convenient interface.»

Any questions?

How to participate in the Ambassador program?

Fill in all fields in the form above, make sure to provide correct data. After that, a personal manager will contact you, tell you all about program rules and conditions, talk through your next steps and answer all your questions.

Who can become an Ambassador?

Any Cheelee app user (provided they have active glasses of Elementary or higher rarity, or are willing to purchase such glasses when they join the Ambassador Program).

When will a manager contact me?

Our managers are on call Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 (GMT+3). They respond to all incoming requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

What are the differences between Ambassador and referral programs?

Although both programs give you additional income, there are differences between them. For the Ambassador program: there are 2 levels of bonus payments; an application for membership is required; a personal manager is assigned to the participant; there are additional privileges. For the referral program: there is 1 level of bonuses; access is open for everyone interested; participants receive help via app support.

What are the perks of being an Ambassador?

  • There is personal manager to answer questions and help with processes;
  • Access to increased glasses rarities: Epic and Legendary;
  • Private community of Ambassadors with workshops and giveaways;
  • An additional social boost for meeting certain conditions;
  • Opportunity to influence project development.

What should I do if I don't have friends who can buy glasses?

Our managers are always ready to help you with ideas for referral promotion. We are constantly developing new promotional strategies for Ambassadors, such as: layouts for stories and shorts, stickers with QR code, tutorial videos for potential referrals and much more.

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